“The easiest way to sell more cars is to make more offers to interested buyers. This is where we come in.” Randy Dickinson, Bullseyer Co-Founder

Over a 30 day period, we'll help you sell 36 cars using The Bullseyer Auto Dealer Campaign.

Watch this 60 second video. Then take a look at what we do and run the numbers.
A BDC Director talks about his campaign

This isn't hype, or some new, secret technology. We've simply developed a clear, step-by-step process that gets interested car buyers to call you to set up appointments.

If your team can handle incoming calls, set appointments and close the deals, then the Bullseyer Auto Dealer Program will work for you.

Here's what we do:

Auto Dealer Program Flowchart (978k PDF)


Here are the numbers:

Auto Dealer Campaign Worksheet (946k PDF)

Bullseyerautodealerworksheet simplethumb

Calculate your own campaign ROI

This calculator is interactive. Go ahead and experiment with the numbers for your business.

Total Contacts:
Response Rate: %
Calls to Dealership:
Appointment Set Rate: %
Appointments Set:
Closing Rate: %
Vehicles Sold:
Avg. Profit/Vehicle: $
Gross Profit:
Bullseyer Campaign Cost:
Avg. Sale Acquisition Cost:
Net Profit from Campaign:

Note: These calculations and assumptions are based on real program results. Although we do everything we can to exceed the numbers, we can't predict how well your team can set appointments and close deals.

If we can show you how to invest $1 into your sales efforts and get back $10+, doesn't that warrant a phone call?

We've structured an offer so you can test drive a campaign with no risk. If you'd like us to walk you through a campaign or get started with one, call Randy Dickinson at (714) 712-0075.