What is Bullseyer?

We are a team of marketing specialists helping our clients dramatically grow the number of customers they target, engage, and win. This makes them very happy and loyal.

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Randy Dickinson Co-Founder

Randy Dickinson’s comprehensive knowledge in the field of tax-exempt planning, estate planning, and computer technology has guided his professional career.

Randy’s background encompasses professional work in the financial services, petroleum, international trade and nonprofit sectors. His accomplishments include ownership and operation of a brokerage firm where Randy earned a reputationas a pension plan design expert.

After many successful years in advanced estate and corporate planning, Randy joined Pacific Advisors, a financial services firm, where he held the position of Director of Advanced Corporate Benefits.

In 2006, just before the business world suffered major financial setbacks, he began a decade long study of marketing strategies. He has worked with corporations and small businesses as well as financial professionals to effectively attract more clients and create significant increases in income.

He currently holds degrees in Economics and Chemistry.

Randy has served as a board member of several charitable organizations. Additionally, he serves as a volunteer licensed guide and educator in Washington D.C. He leads historical educational tours of the nation’s capital, Williamsburg, Gettysburg, Boston and New York City.

Randy and his wife Debbie live in La Habra, California and have three grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Robert Pierce Co-Founder

Robert is a seasoned designer, developer and marketer, having helped leaders and companies in many different industries to increase their marketing excellence over the past 20+ years.

He is able to effectively bridge the gap between businesses and their customers with better stories and better execution.

He's equally at home talking to the business professional about their products and marketing plan, the customer trying to understand a strategy, the company compliance officer concerned about the wording on a marketing brochure, the IT team with a security audit to perform, the graphic designer creating a marketing brochure, or the programmer debugging a section of code on the website.

He has four children and lives in rural Southern Illinois with his wife of 28 years.

His personal site is: roberttravispierce.com