What is Bullseyer?

We are a team of marketing specialists helping our clients dramatically grow the number of customers they target, engage, and win. This makes them very happy and loyal.

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We give you InMarket Leads.
The people who are actively looking to buy what you sell

We help our auto dealer clients increase the number of interested and pre-qualified customers that contact them about purchasing a new or used vehicle. We use the best marketing thinking and technologies to help them sell more.


What if you knew the full contact information for every person who was actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell? Would that impact your bottom line?

If I could identify and give you the name, address, phone and email of prospects that are right now in the market; actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell (we call that InMarket customers)...could you close them?

99% of the leads generated in the marketplace today aren’t doing what we are doing.

Everyday your customers commit hundreds of behaviors pre-purchase...behaviors that leave irrefutable proof that they’re preparing to buy what you sell...our software collects and analyzes these behaviors in order to generate all of your company's InMarket Leads.

We know is who is InMarket right now to buy a car

  • Not only can we point them out...we can tell you their full contact info.
  • These are prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.

How do we do it?

Inmarketdatabase venn

We currently track the online behavior of 100 to 120 million US consumers across 5 Billion url’s.

Everyday we currently collect 10-15 billion real time InMarket behaviors...things like:

  • URL level navigation behavior
  • Keyword search behavior
  • Campaign response behavior
  • Social media behavior
  • Mobile behavior
  • Content consumption
  • Transaction behavior

Case Studies of InMarket Leads Success

Results of multichannel marketing to buyers who are in the market.

Dealer Hyundai Ford Toyota Kia
Location Mississippi Maryland N. Dakota Texas
Campaign Length 90 days 60 days 60 days 90 days
Cars Sold Goal 120 40 30 90
Actual Cars Sold 155 56 45 134
% of Goal Achieved 125% 140% 150% 149%

You can achieve these kinds of results at your dealership.